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The Republic of Aleksania, Республика Алексниа
Flag of Aleksania Coat of arms of Aleksania
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: In Peace, We Prosper, В мире, мы Проспер
Anthem: O' Aleksania
Location of Aleksania
Largest city
Aleksania City
Aleksania City, 400,000
Official language(s) English, Russian
Representitive Democracy
Aleksandr Dziubla Facco
Independent State
Date of Indpendence

Aleksania Day

April 3, 1899

April 3

 • 2010 est.
 • 2010 census
1.25 Million (15th in union)
 • Total
 • Per capita
2008 estimate
$7,291,250,000 (N/a in union)
$50,000 (N/a in union)
HDI 0.948 – high
Currency US Dollar (($))
Simlympic code ALX
Date of Independents - April 3, 1899

Aleksania (Russian: Алексниа, Aleksnia), officially the Republic of Aleksania (Russian: Республика Алексниа, Respublika Aleksnia), is a member of the Alliance of Independent Nations

Origin of the name Aleksania[]

The name Aleksania's origin is a matter in dispute. There are two claims, the first (and the more likely) is that the name Aleksania comes from the person who discovered Aleksania, Aleksander Romanov, heir to the thrown of the Russian Empire. The islands were originally named the Islands of Saint Peter, by Romanov, but renamed in honer of him by Tzar Paul I, after he died of a snack bite. The second, is that Tzar Alexander I named it after himself, but there was a spelling error, and thus the "ks" instead of "x" in Aleksania.


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Aleksania was discovered in 1799, by Russian explorer, Aleksander Romanov, then heir to the Russian thrown. Unfortunately, on his second voyage to islands he called the Islands of St. Peter, after the patron Russian saint, he got lost in the dense jungles, and was discovered near death by what was believed to be a snake bite a week later. He died the next day. The islands were named the Aleksanian Islands in his honer.

The Imperial Aleksanian Flag and the Flag of Aleksania City

Aleksanian Independence[]

In 1867, Aleksania was purchased by the United States from the Russian Empire as part of the Alaska Purchase. During the Spanish-American war, Aleksania proved to be of great strategic value. One year later, on July 3, 1899, the United States granted Aleksania its independence. The new country formed the Kingdom of Aleksania (also known by the native name of Kin'gan'tofi), a constitutional monarchy. This lasted until a military coup after the collapse of the Stock Market in 1929.

The Many Revolutions of Aleksania[]

In April of 1930, tensions flashed, and the old state of Kin'gan'tofi, the military junta running the country since the New York Stock Market Collapsed in September the year before, and communists led by V.I. Leodorjivic, set up the People Republic of Leodorjivic. That government lasted until December 12, 1941, when the government surrendered to the Japanese, who had invaded two days before. In July of 1943, Aleksania was liberated by a joint American-Australian force. In September of that year, the people of Aleksania Established the Republic of Aleksania, which lasted until it was overthrown by Fijian sponsored gorillas in 1969, who than established the state of Fiji'du'phan, and forced the government to go into exile in Guam until the Dictatorship of Fiji'du'phan was overthrown by the Republic of Aleksania government in exile with help from the United States in Jan. of 1983. Because of this uprising, bitterness exists between Aleksania and Fiji to this day.

Aleksania In World War II[]

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In 1991, Aleksania participated in Operation Desert Storm, with the Aleksanian 1st armored brigade fighting along side American & British allies to liberate Kuwait City. Then, in 1995, the first Aleksanian-Fiji war occurred when Fiji sank the ROA Indefinite, an Aleksanian container ship, off the coast of New Zealand. The war ended 5 weeks later when the UN stepped in and arranged a cease fire. In 1999, the second Aleksanian-Fiji war started when Aleksania attacked Fijian jets after repeated incursions into Aleksanian airspace. Then, in 2003, Aleksania set an embargo on Fiji, whom quickly sent ships just outside of Aleksanian waters. Fortunately, war was avoided when the UN stepped in to resolve the crisis. Finally, on Sept. 9, 2009, Fiji attacked John Birmingham Airbase, outside of Johnson Lake, Aleksania, in protest of Aleksania joining the

Aleksanian bombers attacking Suva, Fiji, in September of 2009

Alliance of Independent Nations (AIN). Two days later, the war ended when Aleksania captured Suva, the capital of Fiji. Aleksania will continue to occupy Fiji, despite UN objections, to advert future crisis.


Aleksania is a hilly island country. Aleksania is located at 165 W 30 S. Fiji is also a territory of Aleksania.


Aleksania has a mainly temprate climate. thumb|300px|right


Aleksania has a vibrant and prospecting economy. It has a very industrial economy, nearly all owned by Aleksania Industries United and Aleksania Aerospace Industries, and mainly located in Port Peter I, on Peter I Island.


The currency of Aleksania is the US Dollar.


Aleksania is a Representative Democracy.

Other Unions[]

Aleksania, in addition to being a full member of AIN, Aleksania is also a member of the United Nations, APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), PECC (Pacific Economic Cooperation Council), and is pending membership in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).


Main article: Military of Aleksania

The Republic of Aleksania National Military consist of: The National Aleksanian Army, The National Aleksanian Navy, and The Aleksanian National Air Force. Also, the Aleksanian National Marine Corps and Aleksanian Coast Guard are under the National Aleksnain Navy.

Aleksania T-90E Main Battle Tank

The Aleksanian Army consists of: the 1st Armored Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, 1st Artillery Division, 1st Airborne Division, 1st Aerial Support Unit, the 1st Air Defense Unit, 1st Special Forces Squad, and the 1st Transport Brigade; all under the 1st Aleksanian Army.

The Aleksanian Navy consists of the RAS Aleksania (ABS-05), the RAS Battle of Johnson Bay (ACD-01), and others.

Aleksanian Air Force MiG-29B-12

RAS Battle of Johnson Bay

RAS Aleksania

Aleksanian Space Program[]

The Aleksanian Space Program started with the formation of the NASO (National Aleksanian Space Orginization) in 2001 with the goal of putting a Aleksania Sattilite into orbit. On August 26, 2009 when Aleksania I was launched from Kenedy Space Center in the United States abord a US Delta IV rocket. On August 27, 2009, Aleksania sighed an agreement with Russia to conduct a joint maned space program using Russia's Buran space shuttle (after repairing it) and also construct 4 more space shuttles using the Buran plans. thumb|300px|right



Aleksania has no official religion, but consists of 40% Christian, 20% Muslim, 10% Native Religions, 6% Jewish, 4% Other.


Aleksania's culture is nearly identical to that of Hawaii, New Zealand, or Australia.


Aleksania has few natural recorces.



Aleksania is home to several airlines, most of which are owned by the Aleksania International Airlines Group. One major exception to this is Republica Airlines (who also now own the old KSR airline Air Kadria), which is Aleksania's second largest airline after Aleksania International Airlines (including AIA Regional, AIA Cargo).


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