Aleksania International Airlines
Aleksania Airlines
Founded1937 (as Aleksania Airlines)
HubsAleksania City

Hub City

George City
Focus cities / secondary hubsMoscow





Kadria City
Frequent flyer programPacific Club
Member loungePacific Club Lounge
AllianceOneWorld Dove Alliance
Fleet size530
Parent companyAleksania International Airlines Group
HeadquartersAleksania City
Key peoplePeter Alexandrov - CEO

Aleksania International Airlines (Russian: Алексниа Международные Авиалинии; Aleksnia Mezhdunarodnye Avialinii; Shortened to AIA) is a major airline headquartered in Aleksania City and owned by the Aleksania International Airlines Group and the Aleksanian Government. It is one of the few airlines to opperate regular flights to ever continent (even Antartica). AIA's primary hub is General Douglas MacArthur International Airport in George City, Aleksania.


Aleksania AirlinesEdit

Aleksania International Airlines (AIA) was founded on January, 1, 1937, (as Aleksania Airlines) by the government of Aleksania, as a passenger airliner, and, becouse of the clouds of war forming over Europe and the Far East, as a military transport arm in the event of war with Japan or Nazi Germany. It started out flying routes out of Aleksania City Field (Now called Aleksania City Inter-City Airport, no longer in opperation) daily to Hub City, Island Plains, Island, and Ft. Foundings in second hand Junkers Ju-52's and Douglas DC-1 & 2's, and a weekly service to Wellington, New Zealand, in Douglas DC-3's and Boeing 247's. After Pearl Harbor, Aleksania Declared War on Japan to show it's support for the United States, ending AIA's short carrier for 4 years, with all the aircraft going to the Aleksania Army Flying Corps' transport devisoin.

Post World War IIEdit

After WW2 Ended, AIA begain a shacky recovery, with most of thier aircraft being destroyed, or coverted for anti-ship duties and still in service with the Aleksania Army Flying Corps, it was only left with 5 outdated Ju-52's and limited goverment funding. In 1950, with air travels popularity rising, AIA receved a major government funding boost. That June, AIA receaved 10 Boeing 337 Stratocruisers, 5 Boeing 307 Stratoliner, and 15 Douglas DC-3's. Shortly after, AIA retiered all of its Ju-52's. AIA used its new Stratocruisers on its new route to Sydney, Australia, from the new Aleksania City Int. Airport (formaly Davis Heights Airbase). AIA used its Stratoliners on its reinstated route to Wellington, and its DC-3's on domestic routes (Hub City, Island, Island City, Ft. Foundings)

The Jet AgeEdit

In 1961, AIA received 5 Boeing 707-120B Jetliners, to fly AIA's new route to Honolulu, Hawaii. Taking a step backwords, AIA purchesed 10 Douglas DC-7's to replace its aging Stratoliners. In 1965, AIA purchesed 10 Boeing 727-100 aircraft to replace the aging Stratocruisers on the Aleksania City - Sydney route. Also in 1965, AIA received 15 Fokker F-28 Fellowship jets to opperate its regional routes. In 1966, AIA aquired 10 Sud Aviation Caravelle I's to replace the outdated DC-7s.


During the 1970's, AIA experienced a down time, but then in 1981, Tourism in Aleksania went though the roof. In 1983, AIA aquiered 5 new 747-200 aircraft for AIA's new route to Los Angelis, California; 3 new Boeing 720 aircraft to opperate a route to Bejing, China; and 3 new Lockheed Martin C-130 aircraft for the new AIA Cargo route to Sydey; 5 Boeing 757-200 Aircraft to opperate a route to Lima, Peru, and 10 BAe 146 to repace the aging Fokker F-28's for the new AIA Regional. In 1984, AIA aquired some ex-Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-154's to opperate the Alekania City - Wellington, New Zealand route as a stopgate mesure and as an attempt by the Aleksanian Government to improve relations with the Soviet Union. In 1985, AIA aquired 10 new 737-400's to replace the Tu-154's (witch were obsorbed into the new Aleksanian Air Force). In 1986, AIA recived some McDonald Douglas MD-80's to replace its aging 707s.

Starting in 1997, AIA went into an rapid modernisation program, repaceing the 737-400 and MD-80 with the 737-800, the 757s and 720s with 767-400ERs, and the underused 747s with A340-300s; also aquiring DC-9-15RC and ATR 42-200s to suplament the BAe 146s. AIA also is in the process of replacing its C-130s with 767-300Fs and Lockheed Martin L-1011-200Fs.

AIA Enters the 21st CenturyEdit

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