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Summary Alelantis is a very small island very near the Azores. Alelantis has a small population of only 1 millon people. This country is full of marine fauna and flora. It is part of the European Union, and its one of the countries with more diamonds in world, and also its main Industry. Its Goverment is Monarchy proclamed right after its Independence, Still the goverment is controled by only one person it has more than 100 freedom rights. Also Alelantis has the most advanced investigation center for Neurology and Neurocience, and its the perfect match between old german architecture and modern buildings.


Precolombinan History The history of Alelantis starts with some cultures now named the Alevians or Intevens, were in the Alevian islands, some archeologists think that they come from the east african cultures but some say that is more similar to Mayan civilizations and that has caused that many archeologists to start looking for an answer to this question. They had gods in form of dragons like the Chinese ones or Aztecs. They had also very advanced drain and irrigation sistems. [2]

Spanish and Portuguese invasion About the 1427 with the dicovery of Azores and all the Alevian civilization were destroyed because of their religion, then Portuguese clamed control in all the islands, and became part of Portugal. In the year 1700 the Germans, English, Russians and Italians started lefting their marks in Alelantis, and now that marks are still visible in the center of the city, full of that architecture. [3]

World War II Alelantis didn't get much hustory in WWI but surely it was a important spot in the WWII, Alelantis or Santa Marta Island was a Base for the portuguese and spanish militars and aircraft also they installed a Aero-Naval-Center in Alelantis. In spring 1941, when he was an imminent advance of German troops on the Iberian peninsula, Salazar considered the withdrawal of the Portuguese government for the Azores, with support from Britain. It was in this context that the group was working with the Luso-British commission to study and design the construction of airfields in the archipelago. At the same time, left Lisbon on steam "Bragança" (June 4, 1941) a load of 30 biplanes SS.37 Gloster (Gloster Gladiator), 5 monoplane transport Junkers Ju 52, support material and personnel toward the Azores . In Alelantis were landed 15 Gloster and 5 JU 52, becoming the Wing Fighter Expedionária No. 1 in the BA-4; other aircraft headed for the Third, where were the Wing Fighter Expedionária paragraph 2 of the Portuguese Air Force. Later that year, Britain sent 12 fighters to St. Michael Curtiss P-36 Mohawk, they became the Expeditionary Fighter Squadron 8 (the Alelantis Fighter squadron). The next step the United States was building an airfield on the island of Alopolis. This was done under the guidance of the Pan Am, once the Portuguese, not wanting to arouse the wrath of Nazi Germany, only accepted the project on the pretext that it was a civilian facility. The works began in 1944 has, along with a field hospital, to provide assistance to the wounded of the European front in transit to the United States. And then after the Hiroshima bomb all those Centers where abandon and some aare still used as goverment Top secret Bases in Alelantis for Confidential development and research. [4]

Modern History In the year 2000 a small island in the azores made an independence started and leaded by Rupert Zapata that later he will become king of Alelantis, one week later another island only 3 Km near get into the cause. After one month the Portuguese militars had ceded the lands to Rupert, then all people wanted to that brave leader of an independence to became their King and in that moment Alelantis becamed a nation or specifically a kingdom. Then in 2008 after being accepted by the U.N. all countries started accepting it until a shocking moment occured for Alelantis, it was accepted by the European Union as part of it!. Alelantis started building skycrappers, airports and ports that made tourism the main industry until Alelantis founded diamonds mines and selling them. Alelantis also started making military aircraft and selling them. Alelantis buyed from Russia an Antonov An225 the biggest cargo aircraft in the world. In 2009 H.M. King Rupert make a journey around all the european countries, and its planned that this year to make a journey all around the world. Alevia another island of Alelantis and also the biggest one of them is a volcanic isle full of natural reserves in wich there is a big resarch center for marine biology. In Alopolis the capital city there are uncovering many ruins from the Intevens, and also Alopolis has the gratest research center for Neurology an Neuroscience in the world. Alelantis truly converted in a important country in less than 9 years. Now Alelantis is flourishing not only in economy also as an important spot for maritime commerce and tourism. [5]