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The Alliance of Independent Nations, commonly called the AIN or occasionally AOIN, is a union of 30 member states, comprising of members and associate members. (more...)

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Lower Columbia flag

The Federal Kingdom of Lower Columbia is a federal constitutional monarchy comprised of twelve semi-autonomous states. The nation is located in western North America, along the Pacific coast. Its neighbors are the United States of America to the southeast, Canada to the northeast, and the United Republic of Illu'a across the Adraman Channel. (more...)

Member list


  • Union Summit V convenes at Pacific Palace, outside Astoria, Lower Columbia.
  • The Republic of Fornax returns to member statehood.
  • St. Vincent, Arcacia hosts the IV Alliance Winter Games.
  • The USNW member nations of Posillipo and Insulo become observers of the AIN.

Did you know?

  • ...that the AIN is the biggest Simcity 4 union?
  • ...that our busiest City Journal region is Europe?
  • ...that the union has members from across 5 continents?

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