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Chihiro(English pronounciation: Chi-hi-roh / Petrovan: Qhiro) is the capital city of the Kingdom of Petrova. It is the home of the Petrovar Royal Family, the Petravo Family. The city is the third populous in the country(2,100,000), and Metro Chihiro(also known as the Capital Belt) is the most populous in the country(10,000,000). Chihiro is the country's major tourist city as well as one of the commercial hubs of the country (Avenida Vista being the major commercial hub of the country).

The capital city is known as the prominent tourist hub of the country and second in Eastern Europe (behind Moscow. The city is famous for its recent hosting of major high-profile international events in the past year. Chihiro's history is still undisputed to this day, as the great fire of 1804 ruined the major records of the Library of Chihiro, containing the only information about the city's past.(Chihiro wasn't as famous as it is today, therefore Russia contianed vague information on the city.)

History Edit

The history of Chihiro is still undisputed to this day. This is due to the Chihiro Fire of 1804 which burned the historical records at the Library of Chihiro. Those records contained the only copy of the origins of the city. In the early 1800's, Chihiro was a tiny town, therefore Russia didn't keep record of the then-town. Some accounts say that the town was founded in the late 1700's by a girl named Qhiralia, a maid of the Winter Palace of St. Petersburg who was banished by Peter the Great. She ended up in a mountainous place and found a house of an elderly couple where she stayed at. She eventually found a man named Greve, whom she married and had 17 children. Her children then grew on to make their own families, and so forth resulting in the town's population to be 400. According to historians, this account is false as the account would mean that more than 40 percent of Chihiro's modern population can be traced back to Qhiralia and Greve.

wikipedia:Peter_I_of_Russia Peter the Great once considered making Chihiro his capital, since the city was conviently situated in the southern leg of Russia, but decided to make wikipedia:St. Petersburg St. Petersburg his city. The town was known for its trade & market, connecting Moscow to cities such as Azovo & Sochi(present-day Brytyavska).

According to modern day Petrovars, the city was "born" when the Petravo Royal Family came into the town and established it as their capital of the newly founded Russian state of Petrova in late 1800's. By turn of the century (1900), Chihiro is home to over 140,000. The city grew immensely during and after both World Wars. This was due to the city being a haven for most Eastern European countries during the wars. The city prospered economically as well from selling Russia ammunition during both wars. However, the Chihiro and the country as a whole refused to sell ammunition or take part in the atomic project during the wikipedia:Cold War Cold War.

Today, Chihiro is a proud symbol of the country. It is recently dubbed the "Entertainment Capital of SimEurope" due to the fact that the city has hosted numerous high-profile events. The most notable is probably the 11th ISC Session that was held in Ordona, Petrova (15 miles east of Chihiro).

Administration Edit

Chihiro is the government and royal seat of the country. However, Brytyavska is home to several government buildings, while most of the country's government buildings are in Chihiro. The Chihiro Government Civic Complex(commonly known as "Civic Centre"), located along the English Strait, is home to the country's important government buildings including the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of International Affairs, National Archives, National Library, National Opera Pavillion, The Academy, Ministry of the Royal Affairs, Ministry of Athletics, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, Minsitry of Health, Ministry of Economy and others.

The Petravo Royal Family resides in the Royal Palace of Petrova, located in central-western corner of the city. Plans for a winter palace is in talks and Brytyavska, Ordona, or San Prado are potential cities in which the palace will be built. The Royal Palace of Chihiro serves as a home and an office to the Royal Family. It is one of the heavily guarded places in the country, regardless of the lack of actual human security. The 1 mile entrance is filled with motion sensitive lasers, numerous cameras from different angles, automated guns and a gate that will appear out of nowhere. The palace is also guarded from the air, as high tech radar and a force of no less than 10 jets patrol the palace non-stop.

The current head of the country is HSH King Matthias I and HSH Queen Katarina. They, along with their son, HSH Prince Andrew and their daughter HSH Princess Yelena, reside at the Royal Palace of Petrova. The Prime Minister, Peter Reyes, resides in his home in Brytyavska, but temporary resides at the Stanislav Palace in Grevershki.

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The Capital Belt is home to numerous attractions. Probably the most notable is the International Village, a unique life-size model of the major regions of the world. Another popular tourist destination is the English Strait in Chihiro. The Chihiro Loop is located within the river. The Chihiro Loop is home to Downtown Chihiro, Minogue Park, Civic Centre, Chihiro Olympic Complex, Ciudad fi Cisnik and the Uptown Asli Vehram District. The Petrova Simlympic Park, located in Ordona, has become a major tourist destination as well as hosting numerous sporting events.

The city has the highest number of hotels in the country with over 2,000 hotels, motels and other luxury suites, and is the fifth in Eastern Europe. Chihiro is also one of the busiest Petrovan cities for conferences and conventions. The newly renovated city creates an ideal surrounding for international and national conferences and conventions to take place. The QHEXPO Convention Centre and the Rouillard Coliseum are famous venues for the majority of the conventions and conferences.

Entertainment and Performing Arts Edit

The Grande Amphitheater, located in Northern International Village, is most famous for its weekly concerts, nightly fireworks show at the Int'l Village Lake, bi-weekly Royal Addresses and other events. The city has been stronly influenced by its international neighbors from the west and east and as a result, Petrovan Music has recently gone a revolution from traditional Russian music to a more modern and distinct Petrovan Music.

The city is a major influence to the nation's performing arts standards. Chihiro is home to the Royal Opera House, and the Chihiro Theater. Prior to the Project Brytyavska project in late 2008, the city had a few local theaters and about 10 cinemas. In June 2009, there are now more than 30 local performing arts theaters in the city and more than 50 movie theaters. The Department of Performing Arts has also been established in the Civic Centre as well as an expanded subject at the University of Petrova. There is also the Morolova Film Festival every winter and the Chuckanov Music Festival every summer.

Ciudad fi Cisnik Edit

A major tourist spot, the spacious Ciudad fi Cisnik is located in the Chihiro Loop and is home to several key historical and scientific museums and institutions to the country.

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There are several Shopping Districts in the city and the Capital Belt catering to an array of shoppers from frugal bargainers to lavish shopaholics.

  • The Mall of Petrova is the largest and only open underground mall in the country. At 900,000 sq ft, and three stories underground, it has over 240 shops, two movie theaters, three hotels, one conference room, 25 restaurants, and eight anchor stores.
  • The Malakthi District in San Prado has redefined the concept of shopping in Petrova to a more modern sophisticated level. The Malakthi District is the largest shopping district in the country(2,250,649 sq ft). It is an outdoor outlet of over 500 shops, 67 restaurants, 40 anchor department stores, 5 plazas, ten movie theaters, three hotel complexes and other ammenities.

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