FC Kaelville is the major league football club for the town of Kaelville, Tirnreich. It is regarded as a rookie team, as it has not yet played in any matches. Currently, FC Kaelville is a traveling team, or TT, as the town of Kaelville does not have a football stadium.

Logo of FC Kaelville

Overview Edit

FC Kaelville has its roots in the Saxon Governorship League, a state-wide U21+ League in Saxony state, Germany. Kaelville didn't have its own team until 2003, where it, along with Raumfield, joined the SGL.

After 4 years of playing in the SGL, FC Kaelville won its first title, the East Conference Cup, which qualified the team to play in the Saxony State Championships. Unfortunately, Kaelville lost to the Dresden Tornados.

After Tirnreich gained its independence, Kaelville and the rest of the U21+ teams were drafted into the Imperial Football Federation, or Imperial Fussball Verband.

Stadium Edit

Because of the size of Kaelville, the town does not have a football stadium. Nevertheless, FC Kaelville plays at Ogden Park, a stadium in Sudfeld, a town with nearly a dozen sporting venues. The stadium seats 9,500.

Roster Edit

GK: Andre Vukovski
DEF: Dru LeFleur, Derrick Fanning, Rafael Del Muchi, Hans van Goethom
MF: Alex N'der, Ariel Herod, Gerry McHarrow, Francisco Polo
FWD: Derrick Shannon, Julio Muscoz, Hirybaci


The FC Kaelville logo consists of a motif banner of the club colors, with the name spray painted in the same colors.


Although visually unrepresented, the mascot of FC Kaelville is the Hooligan. Known for their ferocity against rival clubs and their fans, a hooligan was given credit to spray painting the club name on the motif of the FC Kaelville logo.