FC Raumfield is the premier football club of the town of Raumfield, Tirnreich.

FC Raumfield Logo

Overview Edit

FC Raumfield has a similar history to Kaelville's team. FC Raumfield started off as Raumfield Lumberjacks in the U21+ Saxony Governorship League. Although never winning a title, the 'Jacks never dipped below .500 for their record.

After the Tirnreich's independence, the region's football program was frozen, with no management, money, or organization.

In 2010, FC Raumfield was absorbed into the Imperial Football Federation, which along with 8 other teams, became the Tirnreich's first football league.

Stadium Edit

Because the town of Raumfield is so compact, the club uses Rotfeld Stadium, in Sudfeld to play home matches. With a capacity of 18,000 fans, Rotfeld Stadium is one of the premier sporting venues for Traveling Team clubs.

Home games are playfully called Weihnacht Spielen, or "Christmas Games," due to the red color of the stands, and green color of FC Raumfield's uniforms.


The logo of FC Raumfield is a simple green banner bearing the pine tree of Raumfield in white, and the name of the club in green, outlined in white. Although this is the representation of the club, FC Raumfield states that this is a temporary visual, as it is reminiscent of the emblem of the town of Raumfield.

Mascot Edit

The mascot of FC Raumfield, the lumberjack, is not represented in visual form. Rather, it is a continuation of fan pride and historical legacy of the club. Some say the absence of the lumberjack is due to the urbanization that has taken place since the early 2000's, when the town was filled with trees.