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Empire of Galliar
Flag of Gallian Empire or Galliar Coat of arms of Gallian Empire or Galliar
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Live today from yesterday to tomorrow
Anthem: Greensleeves
Largest city
Whale Island
Official language(s) German
Prime Minister
Gallian Monarchy
Ingo I, Emperor of Galliar
Karl Schwartz
Vertrag Galliar
Traité de l'Amérique Française
Gallian Treaty

 • May 2009 est.
 • 2008 census
14 000 000 (64th in union)
13 864 500
 • Total
 • Per capita
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{{{GDP}}} ({{{GDP_rank}}} in union)
{{{GDP_per_capita}}} ({{{GDP_per_capita_rank}}} in union)
HDI 0.968 – high
Currency Gallic Dollar ($ GLC)
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Welcome in the AIN Galliar section
The Gallian Empire was founded in October 13th 1976 following to the independence war of 1974-1976.

Galliar was first a German colony, founded in 1881 by William I and called Gallic, located at the mouth of Nelson River (now called the Emperorized River). It was the main colony of the German Empire, giving it goods, fur and gold. In 1914, at the beginning of the World War 1, Gallic had been forced to provide military equipment and soldiers. By the end of the war, due to the Versailles Treaty, Germany lost all its colonies, including Gallic. It became a French colony in 1919, was renamed Galliar and there was a huge french immigration. Between 1918 and 1974, Gallian economic and social state was as worst as some countries in Africa. People were dying of famine and diseases. In 1970, Ingo Schwichtenberg began to planify a revolution. So, in February 1974, he reunited 99% of suffering Gallians to proclaim independence. France answered by sending army to tranquilize the region. Galliar was stronger than France and Ingo Schwichtenberg proclaim Gallian Independence in October 1976, creating the Gallian Empire (GalliarsReich).

  • Regions
    • Eastmain
    • Emperorized
    • Emperorized River
    • Great-River (officially Grande-Rivière)
    • Hidden Lake (officially Lac Caché)
    • Hellion Lake
    • Radisson
    • Stratus North (officially Stratus Drono)
    • Stratus South (officially Stratus Duslov)
  • State Societies
    • Hydro-Galliar
    • Loto Galliar
  • State Departments
    • National Defense
  • The last census of Gallian big cities shows us that the Stratian Whale Island now surpass Red Island in population. Red Island with its 760 000 habitants is now the second largest city of Galliar, Whale Island has 1 560 000 habitants.

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