Calaréann Coat of Arms

The Government of Calaré, is a Constitutional Monarchy under Parliamentary Democracy, heavily patterned on the Westminster system. The Government of Calaré uses a form of Constitutional Monarchy known as a Crowned Republic as the monarch's role is ceremonial and all the royal prerogatives are prescribed by custom and law in such a way the monarch has little or no discretion over governmental and constitutional issues.

The Government of Calaré was established by a referendum, born out of the Treaty of Singapore, which was signed on the 22nd of May 2000. The Treaty was the culmination of a bitter war of independence, which occurred during the mid-to-late 1990's early 2000's.

At present, the government consists of three branches, which within their own ambit, carry out the day to day business of governing Calaré. Power is divided between these branches, preventing any of them from acting against the basic constitutional principles of the country.

The principal instrument of government is the Constitution of Calaré. The constitution sets out the powers and limitations of each branch of the government, and can only be changed by the people through a referendum.

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All senior ministers are members of the Cabinet , which is the main decision-making body of the government, and the Executive Council, which is an official executive body appointed by the King, on the advice the Prime Minister. In the simplest terms, the Cabinet is responsible for the policy direction of the government as well as the administration of the country. Much of this business of government is performed by the civil service, but there are other government agencies, organisations and businesses that include crown statutory agencies and crown corporations.

Oireachtas - ParliamentEdit

For more, see the Tithe an Oireachtais - Houses of the Oireachtas.

Calaré's parliament is a bicameral legislature, with the two chambers being the Dáil Calaréann ( House of Representatives) and the Seanad Calaréann ( the Senate) . The principal functions of Parliament are to enact laws, provide a government, allocate funding for the civil service, and redress grievances by way of petition. Members of the executive are accountable to Parliament for their own actions and policies and for the actions and policies of the ministries, departments and agencies under their jurisdiction.


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The courts system of Calaré is based on the constitutional principle of judicial independence and utilises the common law system. The courts system is divided into civil, criminal and statutory branches. Appeals may be heard by the District Court, the Supreme Court or the full bench of the High Court. The High Court is the final court of appeal, except in matters of commutation and pardon, where the defendant may appeal to the Monarch.