The Great Fornax Flood were a series of floods that hit Fornax and Xena.

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The month of July 2010 saw an unusual tide level readings. According to past records, high tides of 1.9m to 2.4m were recorded on every July 19 between 13:30 to 14:30. However, in 2010, tide levels reach as high as 2.3m to 2.8m at the same period on the same day.

On July 14 at around 23:40 Eastern Caroline Time, part of the southern rain bands break away from Typhoon Conson. Strong winds drag the breakaway clouds towards the direction of Eastern Caroline Community. On July 19 at 14:45, the breakaway clouds covered most part of northeastern provinces. Heavy rain then began to pour over the northeastern coast of Fornax at around 16:15. By then, the clouds have covered the Melanesian Mountaineous Range, all prepared to release the rain. By 16:45, rain began pouring down on the Melanesian Range on its windward side.

When the rainwater continuously flow into the Sea of Melanesia during the two weeks, high tides remain throughout the waves of downpour.

For two weeks, heavy downpour will batter the country on and off. A total of 19 waves of downpour battered the country, with the last downpour, which lasted for 2.5 hours, ended on August 2 at 04:25. Despite the end of the waves of downpour, high tide remains in the Sea of Melanesia, affecting the flow of water draining into the Sea from Fornax.

The Abraham Peninsula was the first region to experience the flooding fully subsided on August 5. By August 8, floodings in the Melanesian Range region was subsided.

However, the downpour returns on the same day at 13:35, lasting for 4.5 hours. It returns again two days later at 06:40, followed by the latest downpour on August 14 at 19:05.

On August 20, the Melanesia Caroline Meteorological Organization forecast another downpour later in the day at around evening.



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