The Hekli Union are the football club assigned to the southern extension of Hekli, Tirnreich.

Logo of Hekli Union

Overview Edit

The Hekli Union are one of the newest teams in the Tirnreich. Founded in 2005, the Union drafted mostly free agents and contract-cancelled/ended Hekli Red Stars players. However, the Union were determined to make a name for themselves in the Saxony Football Association, which is the next step from U21+.

Although the club has good spirit, which itself earned the club a great deal of fans, the team has since been devoid of any titles.

In 2010, after the Tirnreich's independence, the Union got absorbed into the Imperial Football Federation, making it the second team from Hekli (other being the Reds) to join the IFF.

Stadium Edit

The Union use Hekli's Hekli Imperial Stadium, which is located in South-Central Hekli. Seating 88,000, the stadium's state of the art cover system allows the club to operate any event at anytime, regardless of outside conditions.

Seeing as how both the Union and Reds occupy the same stadium, schedule have to be made out far in advance, and cannot be altered, for the most part. The only time both teams will play in the stadium at the same time is during the Hekli Metro Classic, which features the pair of teams facing off in a 5 game series.

Roster Edit

GK: Darren Plarado
DEF: Andrew Kelley, Patrick Greaves, Cameron Zeusen, Vance Toleman
MF: Jurg Stuhlman, Lars Gaansker, Haidrian MacDonald
FWD: Francis Geracy, Nathan Tyler, William Maye, Dan von Tosch


The Hekli Union logo is designed similarly like an Irish cross. Displaying the club colors of blue and gold, the cross's horizontal arm is adorned with the name "Union," while "Hekli" and "South" occupy the exposed areas of the ring behind the cross.

South is part of the logo, but not the club name because the club's name derives itself from the actual city. Hekli-South Union's offices are located in the southern extension of Hekli, which is where the suffix "-south" comes from.

Mascot Edit

The Union does not have a mascot.