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United Republic of Llithustania De Auvidarr Republika ois Llethuslavaka
Flag of Flag Coat of arms of Flag
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: May our Nation stand strong and brave - Vise orre Nasion ulvas lhoer v`uur brohvedt.
Anthem: God defend our Freedom - Deo dufience orre Fredomoev
Location of Flag
Largest city
Maine, Central Llithustania
Vijlekfodev City, Vijlekfodev
Official language(s) Litusian, French, Latin, English
Federal Democratic Congress
Katherina Yutrovich, Taio Azeuncion
Independence from France Final Revolution Constitution ois Letusiians

15 June 1544 27 November 1603 9 April 1715
 • 2011 est.
 • 1991 census
56,188,204 (Unknown in union)
 • Total
 • Per capita
2010 estimate
1.912 Trillion (- in union)
31,511 (- in union)
HDI 0.961 – - High
Currency Litusian Euro (LTS €1 = US$0.85) (LTS)
Simlympic code LTS

'Th'e Federated States of Llithustania (Letusiian: De Federasilo Statos ois Llethuslavaka) is a nation, comprised of 13 states, which were bound together by Llithustania's official Union Document (Excluding the Ayarian Islands/Former Ollingdale which were salvaged from anarchy). Llithustania is Europe's Western-most bound country (excluding Iceland) and borders the nations Spain and Portugal, France and offshore, Ireland and the United Kingdom.