The Tirnreich's Military forces are the first and finest line of defense against foriegn and domestic combatants.


The Tirnreich's military is rooted in the militiamen that fought against the German Empire's invading troops in the later years of the 19th Century. They used rifles from the era of America's Civil War, imported in secret by King von Hekli, exported by the Bureau of Military Information, an early incarnation of the CIA. Emperor Wilhem's governor quickly stopped the uprising cold, killing several hundred civilians in an effort to stop any further rebellion.

Despite the deaths of nearly 300 civilian partisans, the militia was maintained in secret up to World War I. The Tirnlanders were put to work as laborers, used to erect base camps, trenches, and bunkers. The civilians did not have any time to conduct guerilla activities.

During World War II, Tirnlanders were drafted in the German Army under the Extranational Civilian Armory act. Hitler had used the other Tirnlanders that weren't drafted to build and restore old bunkers, trenches, and camps. During the Blitzkrieg, the Tirnland was used as a forward deployment center, with farmland and village greens acting as temporary tank pens and Luftwaffe airfields.

The Tirnlanders' head of state, Prince Wolfgang Noorheim, had issued secret plans to aid the Soviets by using guerilla warfare to disrupt the Germans. Despite this, the Russians bombed the Tirnland heavily on their campaign to Berlin. Russians flocked to aid the Tirnlanders in order to gain an alliance within the government of the region.

During the Cold War, there was no military and no head of state or regional representative for the Tirnland.

During German reunification and the downfall of the Soviet Union, the Tirnland gained a spot in the Bundeswehr, or German Army, under 1 Tirnland Home Battalion.

Modern DayEdit

Today, the Tirnreich's military has 3 branches, the Tirnreich Defence Force, the Tirnreich Air Corps, and the Tirnreich Search & Rescue Squadron. They operate cooperativley, but are plagued with inexperience and low population. There are only 27,300 personnel in the Military.


The TDF operates mostly with weapons from its time as the Tirnland Home Battalion, which have not been properly serviced since the 1 THB was put in reserve after its KFOR deployment.

  • HK G36k (SARS-C; limited numbers)
  • HK G36c (Combat Transport/Tank crews)
  • HK G3A5
  • HK 21e
  • HK MG4 (SARS-C)
  • HK USPt (SARS)
  • SIG P226
  • M14 (Designated Marksman Rifle, SARS; Police)
  • HK PSG-1
  • Bofors AT4


  • Leopard II Main Battle Tank
  • Puma IFV
  • BTR-152
  • Mark V craft (SARS)
  • Hawkeye (SARS)
  • Uberhawk UAV (SARS, IAC)
  • EF2000 (IAC)
  • F/A-18 Hornet (IAC-Navy)
  • Eurocopter Tiger (IAC; TDF)
  • C130 Transport (All branches)


The military is split into different branches to more tactically spread out forces during a crisis or conflict. Each branch is prepared for rapid deployment and specializes in more than one type of warfare.

Tirnreich Imperial Defence ForceEdit

The TDF is the ground force behind the Tirnreich's military power. It provides light, airbourne, mechanized, and armoured infantry to the Tirnreich. Personnel count is around 15,000. Its headquarters are at the Imperial Defence Ministry in Nachtsburg.

Tirnreich Imperial Search And Rescue SquadronEdit

The TSARS, sometimes known as "Tee-Sarz," "SARS," or "Tie-Sars," is the combined Coast Guard and USN SEALS-style combat team. It functions both as all-terrain search and rescue and naval combat. TSARS is currently the only "special force" in service with the Tirnreich Military. It numbers around 2,300 personnel. It is headquartered in the Nachtport seaport at Nachtsburg.

Tirnreich Imperial Air CorpsEdit

The TIAC is the Air force behind the Tirnlander military. They provide close air support, combat and rear air support, tactical bombing, and VIP transport. There are currently 10,000 airmen in the IAC, consisting of pilots, service crews, and other control positions. It is based at the Von Nacht Airbase Barracks in Hekli.

The IAC is currently being trained by Aleksania's 2nd Fighter Squadron.