The Nachtsburg Empire is the professional football club of the Tirnreich's capital city of Nachtsburg.

Logo of the Empire

Overview Edit

The Nachtsburg Empire are the sole pro football club in Nachtsburg. Founded in 1989, it is the oldest football club in the country. It rose to fame as the Neugersdorf Municipality football club, known as the Neugersdorf Landlords during the Soviet era.

In 1996, Nachtsburg was officially observed as an autonomous provincial capital, but was allowed entry into German football leagues. On 3 January 1997, Nachtsburg's football club was renamed the Nachtsburg Empire and joined 2. Bundesliga.

Today, the Empire is probably the best club in the country. The team has played the most international matches out of any other football team, and is one of 3 teams to play in the Devine Premiership of the AIFF.

Stadium Edit

Kaiser Stadium is located on the Southeast peninsula in the Nachtsburg Municipal region. It seats 30,000 fans, which is a light number, considering the fanbase and success of the club.

Roster Edit

GK: Gregor Valschmeer
DEF: Francis Godecki, Daniel Knight, Mikhail Zabcznski
MF: Mike Pappa, Charlie Bravo, Anton Hagmaan, Franco Gheronelli
FWD: Heiko Gabenheim, Ivan Twimmon, Boris Tkavonov


The Empire logo, one of the most intricate of all the clubs' in the Tirnreich, shares the overall design and colors of the National team, known as FC Tirnreich. The design is a horizontal tricolor of the Imperial colours, (black, red, and gold) on a shield. In the middle, a crown-adorned multi colored banner features the club name and a football behind the name.

Mascot Edit

The Empire does not currently have a mascot.