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Flag of Shushtrepistaz Coat of arms of Shushtrepistaz
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: -
Anthem: We the Free
Location of Shushtrepistaz
Largest city
Official language(s) English, Japanese
President: Yoshi Sakurma Vice-President: Dokai Lorza
Yoshi Sakurma
Founding Date

 • 2011 est.
 • 2010 census
70,829,002 (2 in union)
 • Total
 • Per capita
NA estimate
4,660,000,000,000 (NA in union)
52,000 (NA in union)
HDI 0.965 – very high
Currency Sticzk (0.80 = 1 USD) (STK)
Simlympic code STZ


Shushtrepistaz's Government is broken up into 5 diffrent Branches the Coutial, Imperial, Executive, Judicial, and Legislative

The Executive Branch[]

Is the branch that acts on the Legeslative Branch's and Coutial branch's ideas/actions, and controls the actions of the Imperial Branch

The President and Vice President[]

The Cabinet[]

Shushtrepistaz Enviorment Admistration[]

In short SEA, the Shushtrepistaz Enviorment Admistration handles Envoirmental affairs, founded in 1984 under the Hearst Adminisistration SEA was a replacement for the corrupt SEPS (Shushtrepistaz Enviorment Protection Service) to help protect the envorment of Shushtrepistaz.

SEA has helped many wastelands recover into wonderful landscapes, includeing parts of El Derado County

Department of External Affairs[]


Shushtrepistaz, a versitile land full of mountains and plains, has always kept itself close to its neighbor, most of the population a whopping 83% of people live in metropolitan or submetropoliatn areas. In this people have still remained diverse as shown here


Language is a a critical ascpet of life, as a way of communitcating, most citizens of Shushtrepistaz speak english but many speak many languages



Shushtrepistaz's educations values are one of the higest in the world, grades in this nation are based on two main grading formats

API and GPA[]

See main article API and Shushtrepistaz GPA formats

The Academic Performance Index (API) is a measurement of academic performance and progress of individual schools in Shushtrepistaz. Similar to the one in Caliifornia API is closely tied to monetary and incentive awards by setting Annual Percent Growth Targets for each school and whether the school met or exceeded this goal API scores ranges from a low of 200 to a high of 1000.

To recive this information it is taken by SPAT and SPAT2

SPAT and SPAT2[]

See main article SPAT and SPAT2

SPCAT stands for Shushtrepistaz Private School Admission Test and is given to students who apply to enter a Private or National schools, created by Carnard Education. While SPCAT2 stands for Shushtrepistaz Public School Admission Test and is Admistered to all students.


See main article SPCAT and SPCAT2

SPCAT stands for Shushtrepistaz Private College Admission Test and is given to students who apply to enter a Private or National schools, while SPCAT2 stands for Shushtrepistaz Public College Admission Test and is Admistered to all students who are graduating from High School or Pre College. These schools are owned by the government and start with Shushtrepistaz University of, or University Shushtrepistaz of, or sometimes University of.