Kingdom of Petrova
Intgorane fi Petrova
PetrovanFlag Coats
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Freedom, Strength, Unity
Anthem: Ay Hora Tumaas
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Largest city

Official language(s) Petrovan
Prime Minister
Constitutional Monarchy
King Andre IV
Peter Reyes
Petro-Russo Treaty

 • June 2009 est.
 • January 2008 census
47,850,386 (25th in union)
 • Total
 • Per capita
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{{{GDP_per_capita}}} ({{{GDP_per_capita_rank}}} in union)
HDI 0.970 – high
Currency Petrovar (P)
Simlympic code PET

Petrova, officially the Kingdom of Petrova (Petrovar: Intgorane fi Petrova), is a country in Eastern Europe with one territorial claim, Dardajhan Republic. It is located in the former southern "leg" of Russia. The country borders Russia to the north, Kazakhstan and Kardalistan to the east, Ukraine to the west, and Georgia and Azerbaijan to the south. West of Petrova is the Sea of Petrova, and east of Petrova is the Caspian Sea. Petrova's geographical shape is very similar to that of France. Its capital city is Chihiro(known locally as Qhiro). Petrova is a Constitutional Monarchy government, where there are two heads of the country: King Matthias I and Prime Minister Peter Reyes. Things from Petrova are known as Petrovan, while topics adressing people is known as Petrovar.

Petrova is the 2nd largest Eastern European country, and the 4th largest European country. The country has recently become a developed country in 2004. The country is one of the rare few countries that is extremely westernized and has recovered from the World Wars. The country is dubbed the "Entertainment Capital of SimEurope". Contrary to its Eastern European neighbors, Petrova is consired a Western European country economically and culturally. It is easily becoming a tourist haven in Eastern Europe, receiving 50 million tourists every year. Petrova is one of the first countries to join the Alliance of Independent Nations(AIN). Besides AIN, Petrova is a member of the ISC, Simsports Community, SUTO and Simtropolis.

Petrova is an active simlympic country. The country has also been encouraging a pro-active sports progam in the youth population of country. The capital city, Chihiro is in talks of bidding for the 11th Simlympiad in October. However, the country has bid for the 2008 December Simlympics and failed to host it. Ordona, Petrova has recently hosted the 11th ISC Session.

Origin of the name Petrova Edit

The name "Petrova" is derived from the creator's name, "Peter", with a Eastern European influence. Phonetically, it is pronounced petroh-vah. Coincidentially, the name "Petr" is "Peter" in most Eastern European countries. Originally, the "southern leg" of Russia was named the Caucasus Region or commonly known as Sochi.

The name "Petrova" was given to the newly founded country in 1976 by the founding Royal Family, the Petravos. Coincidentally, the country's name and the royal family's name is very similar in spelling with the last two vowels switched. However, it is a common mistake for people to think that the country's name came from the word "Petravo", hence the Petravo Royal Family. In some myths, the name Petrova was given to the country in honor of the first word of King Dmitry. Another myth is that the word came to be the country's name because the royal secretary had dyslexia and would often misspell the country's name when sending letters to foreign leaders. The Petrovar for Petrova is simply "Petrova".


Main article: History of Petrova

Founded in the mid 1900's, the present day country of Petrova is situated in the center of the map, between Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. Petrova has gained the cultural admiration of Eastern Europe as well as Western Asia. But everything began in the late 1800's. Petrova was founded by the future Petrovan Royal Family, Naridah and Sergei Petravo. They were a poor family who settled in present day Chihiro, the country's cultural and political center. Soon after, the city of Chihiro was established, and prospered steadily until the world wars. The country became even more prosperous during the world wars after providing the vast Russian and allies armies with food and arms. When the technology revolution occured in the west, Petrova, like its neighbors were struggling with its economy. By the 80's, the country is home to over 40 million inhabitants. There were mass starvation, since the soil was barren and the southern half of Petrova is mountainous, until a genious farmer named Sim Bob Sim came up with the technique called "love thy soil". The idea was to water the soil with the special water found in the the Sea of Azov (now Sea of Petrova). The soil immediately became soft and allowed for farming. Around 1970, the people were fed up with the Russians not paying attention to them. The country of Petrova wasn't declared a country until the Petro-Russo Revolution in 1975.


Main article: Petro-Russo Revolution, Russian-Petrovan Relations

Originally, Petrova was part of Russia. Present-day Petrova consisted of several regions while it was still a part of Russia. However, tensions grew between the Russians and the southern part of the country causing a revolt in the central city of Sochi, now present-day Brytyavska. Outside the country, the city is still reffered to as Sochi.

Petravo Royal FamilyEdit

Petrova is a ruled by the Royal Family of Petrova and the Petrovar Prime Minister. Naridah and Sergei Petravo were the original founders of the Petravo Royal Family. They were a poor family who settled in present day Chihiro, the country's cultural and political center. They gained wealth and power after establishing the city that would later become the Petrovan Capital. The Petrovar Royal Family is of mixed ancestry, and the previous head of the country, King Dmitry was born in Pristina, Kosovo. The Petrovar Royal Family also contributed to Petrova's diverse culture due to King Dmitry being Albanian-Kosovar, while his wife, Queen Vera is of Canadian-Filipino roots. They have two children, the Dauphin of Petrova, Prince Matthias was born in the Bovino Palace, while his younger brother, Prince Igor, was born in the Palace of Bausmik in Predeccia. Both have been sent to other countries to study, and as a result, they have brought with them, French, American, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Latin and other cultures.

In the fall of 2009, the power of the country has been peacefully handed over to the Desceon House, the main connection being Queen Zivanna of SimRepublic of France being the half sister of King Matthias. She and her husband, King Andre IV, are the current head of the country.

Petrova TodayEdit

Today, Petrova is a bustling and thriving country that stretches out to the Caspian to the Sea of Petrova (Sea of Azov), bordering Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to the north and Georgia and Azerbaijan to the south. Petrova is among the fastest growing countries in the world, along with China and India, with a population of 30 million in just a century. Chihiro, the capital is the seat of the Royal Family who governs the country. Petrova is a constitutional monarchy. The largest cities in Petrova are Chihiro, Brytyavska, and Avenida Vista. Today, the city of Chihiro can be compared to Paris, and New York.


Main article: Geography of Petrova

The country is situated in the formerly known as the "southern leg" of Russia. There are very few rivers in the region. Mountains and hills are spread out and abundant throughout the country making it hard for huge farming regions. However, one advantage to the mountains are the precious Petrovan Diamonds that have a special unique tint and quality that makes them very expensive due to their rare qualities.

One of the largest man-made lakes is located in Petrova. Lake Lanayru is situated at the Capital Belt (Metropolitian Chihiro). It is comparable to Lake Michigan, U.S.A. The capital city itself is situated on a dry soiled area, therefore there had to be canals built throughout the city to solve drought issues



Petrova is known for its lucious soil and therefore the ability to produce wines, wheat, rice, soy and is currently number 5 in the top exporters of lumber. Petrova has a growing middle class and is gaining wealth every year due to its exports around the world. Petrova is also known for its rare diamonds found in the Caucus Mountains.




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Petrova has invested tremendously in education after the establishment of the Department of Education located at the Civic Center.

Foreign relationsEdit

Embassies in the Petrova are located in the Gersbach Embassy Complex in Ordona, Petrova. Current embassies include: Dimland, Rorysville, Escambia,


Main article: Languages of the Petrovars

The official language of Petrova is Petrovar. It is a very complex and unique language compared to Petrova's neighbors. The Petrovar language was originally a Russian dialect before Petrova became a country. The dialect was of Albanian, Russian, Polish, Russian influences. However, after the Petravo Royal Family came to power when Petrova became a country, new languages such as Tagalog, Enlgish, French, Spanish influenced the Petrovar language.

Even though Petrovar is the official language of the country, Albanian, Enlgish and Russian is still spoken. Since 2001, those three languages are now an option in secondary schools.


Main article: Petrovan Culture

Since the country is situated between Eastern Europe and Asia, Petrova truly is a melting pot of different cultures and people. They speak Petrovan and English and although there is 90% freedom, Roman Catholic is the prevailing religion. Although it is one of the youngest countries in the world, the Petrovan culture is very rich due to its Russian ancestry. There are numerous art, music, fashion and cultural institutions throughout the country.


Main article: Petrovan Cuisine

Petrova has its cuisine roots in Russia. The old Petrovan cuisine consisted of traditional Russian dishes such as Veal Orloff, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Kiev. Present day Petrovan cuisine has been prefected using traditional Russian Cuisine and has been fused with modern cuisine. Notable Petrovan dishes are Pasta Petroni, Athkovar Delight, Trugonoff Chicken, Mritsu-Mritsu and Kilashi, an addicting cake. Petrovan cuisine has been a fusion of European & Asian Cuisine.

Before the Petro-Russo Revolution, Petrovan Cuisine consisted of peasant dishes, similar to those of the Russians. Petrova had its share of the "enlightenment" in the early 21st Century when foreigners came to the country. Today, Asian, European, African, American, Hispanic and other regional restaurants are ubiquitous in the country. Chihiro is one of the leading culinary capitals of the world along with Paris, New York, Chicago, Rome, Madrid, London, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo.

Performing ArtsEdit



Main article: Sports in Petrova

The country has been very active athletically as well. Almost every type of sport is ubiquitous in the country ranging from football, American football, rugby, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, badminton and other sports. Petrova is also a part of the AIFF.

Events in PetrovaEdit

Petrova has been dubbed as the "Entertainment capital of SimEurope". The country has hosted numerous high-profile events which causes people to think likewise:

  • Chihiro hosted the first Petrolympics at the Grande Amphitheater in August 2008. Grevershki hosted the 2008 Petrolympics.
  • Ordona has been chosen to host the 2010 Miss Petrova Pageant sometime in the summer, which will determine who the country sends off to the Miss SimUniverse & Miss AIN Competitions.
  • Chihiro will be the host of the 2009 Miss AIN Pageant sometime in the fall.
  • Chihiro hosted the 2009 Spzorsova Convention at the QHEXPO Convention Center.
  • Brytyavska has been chosen to host the 2010 Spzorsova Convention.
  • Ordona has been chosen to host the 2009 June Petrolympics.
  • Chihiro will be bidding to host the August 2010 Simlympics. This is the country's last major international hosting attempt before leaving in December 2010.

Spzorsova ConventionsEdit

Starting 2009 and onwards, every year, the King will host a convention that will be broadcast all over the country and around the world disscussing plans for the country. Plans will be mentioned such as goals of the current year, statistics, plans of bidding, major announcements and such as. The last convention has held at the QHEXPO Convention Center in Chihiro. The next convention will be held in Grevershki on February 2010.

Simlympics & the PetrolympicsEdit

Petrova is becoming a "Simlympic" country ever since it joined the Simsports community in early August 2008. Since then, the country has been active in sports and has been encouraging the youth to be active. Petrova has bid once to host the simlympic games in December, but however, failed to host it. After the 2009 Spzorsova Convention, it was announced that the country has chosen Chihiro to once again bid to host the games in October. However, the bid has been quitely dropped causing many to speculate whether the country will bid in October. The capital city of Chihiro will be bidding to host the 2010 Summer Simlympics in August.

The Petrolympics is an event inspired by the Simlympics. The Petrolympics determines the Petrovar Simlympic Team that will represent the country at the current games. Chihiro hosted the first Petrolympics. There were no Petrolympics in April as the representatives to Ylmeria represented the country in Raffore Islands as well. However, there will be a Petrolympics prior to the 10th Simlympiad in Hinawa, Seto.

Miss Petrova PageantEdit

The Miss Petrova organization was founded shortly after the Miss SimUniverse organization was founded in Petrova. The main headquarters for both organizations are located in San Prado, Petrova. The Miss Petrova Pageant determines the delegate the country will send off to the Miss SimCity Pageant and the Miss AIN Pageant, making a total of two winners and two runner ups. The first pageant began in October 2008, but there was only one woman crowned and has represented Petrova at the Miss SimUniverse competition in Petrova on March 2009.

The pageant runs in a somewhat different format than most competitions around the world. There will be the preliminaries day where all the contestants will be competing in the swimsuit and the evening gown competition. There is also a separate day for the interview and the national costume portion of the preliminaries. In these two sessions, the ladies will be scored. From those scores, a top 20 will be chosen at the coronation night.

After the top 20 has been chosen, the top 20 will then compete in the swimsuit competition. After that, a top 15 will be chosen. They will then go on to the evening gown competition. After that, a top 8 will be chosen where they will be competing in the talent competition. Then, the 8 will then go on to the interview portion. After that a top 4 will be chosen where they will endure final interview round. This will determine the Miss Petrova-Sim City & Miss Petrova-AIN and the two runner ups.

Petrova's DepartureEdit

On December 21, 2010, Petrova along with its creator will be leaving the sim city world. This announcement was made during the 2010 Spzorsova Convention in Grevershki. Several days prior to this date, Petrova will be resigning from the ISC, Simsports, AIN, Simtropolis, SimMania and other major union sites. No comment was made unsure whether this is temporary leave or permanent leave.

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