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Republic of Arcacia
République d'Arcaçe
Flag of Arcacia Coat of arms of Arcacia
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: All Her Paths Are Peace
Anthem: I Vow to Thee, My Country
Location of Arcacia
Largest city
Official language(s) English
Daniel Raffaele
Constitution Adopted

July 4, 1812
 • 2010 est.
 • 2010 census
1,300,000 (- in union)
 • Total
 • Per capita
2010 estimate
$71.5 billion (- in union)
$55,000 (- in union)
HDI 0.977 – Very High
Currency Arcacian Dollar (ARD)
Simlympic code ARC

Arcacia, officially the Republic of Arcacia, is a member of the Alliance of Independent Nations located in the Coral Sea off the East coast of New South Wales, Australia. The islands were formed from now extinct volcanoes and it is thought that Yorke Bay is actually the caldera of a large volcano that last erupted several million years ago. The volcanic soil is very fertile and has made growing crops in Arcacia a very easy task. It is often said you can drop a seed anywhere on any of the islands and it will grow.

Origin of the name Arcacia[]

Arcacia is a combination of the prefix 'arch' meaning opposite from and a corruption of Asia. It was originally called Arch-Asia, but over time lost the hyphen to become Archasia. Given the pronunciation was Ark-AY-see-ya, the 'h' was dropped and the 's' changed to a soft 'c.' In French, the name is Arcaçe.

Indigenous Arcacians also have their own names for Arcacia. Arcacia's Abroriginal population is from the Bundjalung nation and their name for Arcacia is Djununugaladjahnana which means "where the wind stops." Arcacian Māori call Arcacia Taiwhenuatakutai which means "our home by the sea."

History of Arcacia[]

Main article: History of Arcacia

Arcacia was founded jointly by the British and French explorers who settled it. The British, led by Admiral James Cliffton landed in what is now the town of Founder's Cove on August 9, 1810. At the same time, French explorers led by Jean le Neuf making there way up the east coast of Australia happened upon what is now Redding.

The two groups first met in what is now the city of Yorke and rather than fight over the claim, they decided to keep the discovery a secret from both Britain and France and found a new country. The British then founded the city of Providence and it was agreed that it should be the capital as it was located the furthest from the Australian coast. The French founded Redding, which was originally known as Fort Rouge in order to defend Arcacia's border.

The city of Yorke was founded by the British settlers a year later in order to serve as a hub for the agriculture that was booming around Yorke Bay.

Council of Providence[]

In July of 1812, colonial leaders met in Providence to adopt a constitution. A brief document was written, outlining the political division, rights of the people and assertion of independence as well as separating church and State. It was formally adopted on July 4, 1812. Co-incidentally, that is the birthday of the incumbent President. The constitution has been amended several times since its inception. July 4 is celebrated as Constitution Day in Arcacia.


Arcacia's climate is temperate/sub-tropical with warm Summers and cool to mild Winters.

Celcius to Farenheit Conversion
C 10° 15° 20° 25° 30° 35° 40° 45° 50° 55°
F 32° 41° 50° 59° 68° 77° 86° 95° 104° 113° 122° 131°
Historical Rainfall & Temperature Averages
Season Summer Autumn Winter Spring  
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Arcacia : Recorded at Yorke Observatory 1948 - 2001
Mean Maximum Temperature 27.5° 27.5° 26.6° 24.5° 22.1° 19.8° 19.4° 20.4° 22.1° 23.2° 24.7° 26.3°
Mean Minimum Temperature 20.7° 20.7° 19.6° 17.2° 15.1° 12.2° 11.7° 12.5° 14.3° 16° 17.8° 19.5°
Mean Rainfall 165.4 193 214 181.2 190.6 159.7 103.6 92.9 67.4 105.1 119.6 145.8
Mean Rainy Days 14.6 15.8 16.9 14.9 14.6 12 9.9 9.2 9.3 11.2 12 12.6


Arcacia's economy is made up of tourism, agriculture, hi-tech industry and overseas investments. Arcacia also has one of the world's largest gold reserves, making it one of the richest countries per capita in the world. Arcacia is also at the forefront of environmentally friendly electricity with 100% of the grid using renewable energy sources. Arcacia has the lowest carbon footprint of any country in the developed world.


The currency of Arcacia is the Arcacian Dollar. Arcacia measures it's currency against the Gold Standard, the only country in the world still to do so. For this purpose, one Arcacian Dollar is valued the same as 1/1000th of an ounce of gold. At the time of writing, this equates to about AUD$1.27 or USD$1.16. The Arcacian Dollar is divided into 100 cents.


Bank notes - $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000

Coins - 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c

The $500 and $1000 notes can be exchanged for gold ingots weighing 1/2 an ounce and 1 ounce respectively.


Arcacia is a non-partisan unicameral representative direct democracy. People vote for their representatives directly and there are no political parties. The President is also voted for directly and elections happen every 5 years. At the national level, the government is divided into three branches: The Senate (legislative), the Executive Council (executive) and the High Court (judiciary).

Arcacia is divided into four districts and one territory, each with their own governments. The districts are, in order of population size: Redding, Yorke Bay, Providence and the Northern Islands. Arcacia's only territory is Saint Vincent, located in the Southern Ocean. Each district has its own capital, which are Redding City, Yorke, Providence, Brooklyn and Saint Vincent respectively. Each district and terristory has its own unicameral legislature, known as a Cabinet. The leader of a district is called a Governor, the leader of a territory is called a Chief Minister. The Governor or Chief Minister is elected by the people and he or she then appoints their cabinet based on merit. Districts and territories also have their own courts.

Twice a year, a special meeting takes place in Providence called a Round Table. The President of the Republic, Vice President, Speaker of the Senate, Chief Justice of the High Court along with the Governors of all four districts and the Chief Minister of Saint Vincent meet in an informal manner to discuss policy. The idea behind the round table is that every member has an equal say and a right to be heard.

Map of Arcacia (political)


Arcacia has a young population with the largest group being in the 25-40 age range and it is estimated that their are an average of 2.3 children per family. Most Arcacians list their birthplace as Arcacia, with Canadian, European, Australian and New Zealand making up the majority of emigrants. English is the most widely spoken language with French being the official second language of Arcacia, though it is only spoken as a first language by approximately 20,000 people, almost all of whom live in the District of Redding.


Arcacia is a secular nation with no State religion. Most people in Arcacia are not religious with 81% of respondents in the 2008 census answering Agnostic/Atheist on the question of religion. Of the remainder, Christianity makes up the largest minority with 18%, of which 9% said they were Catholic, 7% Protestant and 2% Other Christian. Jews and Muslims make up less than 1% each, as do other religions.


Arcacians are laid back and known for their humour. Due to the high level of literacy with the vast majority of people going on to do tertiary study (Arcacia has the highest rate of PhD acquisition per capita in the world), Arcacians are very wary of anything that they call "woo." This includes sprituality, psychics and so-called "natural" remedies. It is illegal to sell homoeopathic remedies in Arcacia, or to make claims about medical worth of any "natural" alternative without solid scientific evidence.

Ice hockey is Arcacia's national sport and games are extremely popular events. Many Arcacian children play for local leagues and there are also several amateur clubs for adults. Sailing and other water sports are also commonly enjoyed.


Given Arcacia's rich volcanic soil, it has enjoyed tremendous agricultural success with wheat, barley, corn, fruits and vegetables being grown in plentiful supply. Government subsidies mean that locally produced food is always cheaper in supermarkets than imported goods. Despite this, there is always an excess which is exported to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Arcacia has no mines, but has invested heavily in high-tech industry and so exports technology. Three large technology parks in Redding, Broadalbin and Brooklyn produce consumer electronics, white-goods and carry out research. The Arcacian Government has all but phased out dirty industries. There are also several small factories in Saint Vincent.

Recently, a cache of gems was found in an extinct volcanic vent in the mountains of Yorke Bay. The government is currently investigating the best methods for extraction withough harming the surrounding national park which is home to several species of native animals including some endangered species.


ANR Network Map

Arcacia has three airlines. Arcacian Airlines is the national carrier and operates out of Providence International Airport to several destinations around the Pacific. SouthAir is based in Saint Vincent and flies to Providence as well as selected Australian cities and Christchurch, New Zealand. SouthAir also operates flights to Antarctica during the Summer. Yorke Bay Airways is a small airline operating out of Yorke Airport to coastal Australian twons and cities. All airlines are part of the Arcacian Airlines Group, which is the umbrella company overseeing several airlines. A third airport located in Brroklyn is only used for general aviation.

Public transport in Arcacia is free and managed by two publicly owned companies. The Arcacian National Railway operates the country's intercity rail, ferry and bus services whilst MetroCorp operates subways, light rail and bus networks within most cities and towns. In towns where MetroCorp does not operate, private bus companies transport passengers, but are still free thanks to government subsidies.


Arcacia has no military. Security is the responsibility of the Arcacia Police Force and Arcacian Coast Guard. Due to Arcacia's location, it is protected by the Australian, New Zealand, French and United States Navies.

Space Program[]

The Arcacian Space Agency, based in Yorke, is responsible for space research, launching satellites and astronauts on a fairly regular basis. Arcacia's first manned space flight occurred in 2007, with astronauts Kyle Lockwood from Castlekeep, Yorke Bay and Melanie St Claire from Redding City completing three complete orbits of Earth before splashing down in the Pacific ocean. Arcacia is hoping to put astronauts on the Moon and is also planning to go to Mars. At the moment, the main occupation of the observatories in Yorke is the search for planets outside the Solar System.

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