The flag of Rep. of Roanoke Island

Republic of Roanoke Island is a country located on the Coastal Plain (Outer Banks) region of North Carolina in the United States of America. Republic of Roanoke Island captured the area form locals to turn it into their own country. The first and current president is Will Stewart, and the current and first vice president is John McColbert. The first formal election is expected to be held in January 2010. The current president and vice president were hired because they played very major roles in the takeover of the current region from the locals.

Rep. of Roanoke Island officially became a country on October 31st, 2009 when the Treaty of the Coastal Plain was signed. Since, then the region has flourished very rapidly. In just a few months the population has increased 2,800% from the original settler amount. More settlers have come from various areas all over the world, making Rep. of Roanoke Island a melting pot. Tourism and commercial are major employers in the country. Rep. of Roanoke Island receives about 5,750,000 tourists each year. The major tourist city Federal City, specifically West Federal City. Republic of Roanoke Island became the 42nd member of the Alliance of Independent Nations on Monday November 30th, 2009. Rep. of Roanoke Island is now at full member status. They were accepted on December, 28, 2009.  Rep. of Roanoke Island was formery a member of the Alliance of US CJs (AUS) and the United World Journals Alliance (UWJA) but left because of lack of communication between nations. Republic of Roanoke Island is also a current member of SimtropolisSimSports , and SC4 Devotion.

Recently, the Republic of Roanoke Island was nominated for 2009 Trixie award at Simtropolis. The award was "Best use of Custom Content". Also, Newport  the Rep. of Roanoke Island created a preliminary bid for the Winter 2010 Simlympics at SimSports. On December 31st, 2009 the ISC Board will choose the winner(s) of the preliminary round. West Federal City plans to create a bid for the Summer 2010 Simlympics.

History Edit

Republic of Roanoke Island was founded by immigrants from Greece in June 2009. After about 2500 immigrants had landed on the Outer Banks of then North Carolina, the group plotted and attacked all the locals and chased them out of the Coastal Plain region after signing the Treaty of the Coastal Plain on July 7th, 2009. Although about 2,250 settlers died, they had accomplished their goal of independence and a new country to build on. July 7th is Independence Day in Rep. of Roanoke Island. The remaining settlers traveled back to the Outer Banks and established to first town, Corolla.

Geography Edit

Republic of Roanoke Island is located in the Coastal plain region of North Carolina in the United States of America. The land is low-lying and very marshy at times. Hills are sparse in the region. There are barrier islands located to the east.


Rep. of Roanoke Island is a diverse country. It consists of many races from many countries.

Median Age:Edit

  • 32.9 years

Age BreakdownEdit

  • 0-17 years of age: 34%
  • 18-64 years of age: 66%
  • 65+ years of age: 10%


Population Rise/FallEdit

  • 2009-2010: +349%


Population Projections:Edit

  • 2010: 894,000
  • 2015: 2,768,000
  • 2020: 3,475,000
  • 2025: 5,732,000


Average Life SpanEdit

  • 78 years of age
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