The Rush Ministry is the 4th ministry since independence. The ministry was sworn in by HM The King on the 11 March 2008. It is the longest serving ministry since independence and also the most stable of the post independence period thus far.

Cabinet PortfoliosEdit

See also, Cabinet of Calaré .

The following are the senior ministerial posts, known as cabinet portfolios:

  • Prime Minister of Calaré - The Rt. Hon Mr Nathan Rush TD
  • Deputy Prime Minister - Mr Brock Inglis
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs - Ms Sofia Ascott TD
  • Minister for Finance and Deregulation - Mr Greg Louganis TD
  • Minister for Parliamentary Services - Senator Mrs Helen Carter-Jones
  • Minister for Veterans Affairs - Senator Mr Antony Jackson
  • Minister for Tourism and Sport - Mr Joshua Wallace TD
  • Treasurer - Mr Dale Worthington TD
  • Minister for Resources, Energy and Trade - Senator Mr Owen Levine
  • Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research - Senator Mrs Fiona Grant
  • Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development - The Hon. Mr Michael Ware TD
  • Minister for Indigenous Affairs - Ms Alison Gates TD
  • Minister for Immigration and Citizenship - Ms Anna Li TD
  • Minister for Human Services - Senator Mr David O'Malley
  • Minister for Home Affairs and Local Government - Mr Colin Paige TD
  • Minister for heritage and the Arts - Senator Ms Amelia Grieve
  • Minister for Health, Ageing and Disabilty - Ms Kate Ambrose TD
  • Minister for the Environment and Water - Mr Brendan Daskalakis TD
  • Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations - Mrs Elisabeth Mc Farlaine TD
  • Minister for Education and Training - Mr Nathan Sutton TD
  • Minister for Community Services and Housing - Ms Peta Hunt TD
  • Minister for Climate Change - Senator Ms Zianna Fury
  • Minister for Broadband and Communication - Senator Mrs Louise Spicer
  • Attorney- General - Mr Tobias Murphy TD
  • Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Mr Michael Phillips TD
  • Special Minister of State - Ms Susan Hutchinson TD

Associate MinistriesEdit

In order to assist in the administration of the portfolios, the Prime Minister may appoint associate ministers to oversee the operation of the larger or special departments within a ministry:

  • Associate Minister for County and Cultural Affairs (Dept. of Home Affairs) -- Ms Lucy Taskin TD
  • Associate Minister for Economic Affairs (Dept. of Finance) --
  • Associate Minister for Emergency Services (Dept. Home Affairs) -- Mr Kriss Deeble TD
  • Associate Minister for Internal Security (Ministry of Justice) -- Ms Skye Valentine TD
  • Associate Minister for Media and Broadcasting (Dept. of Communications) -Ms Samantha Worthington TD
  • Associate Minister for Repatriation (Dept. of Defence) -- Mr Jonathan Fritz TD
  • Associate Minister for Defence Materials (Dept. of Defence) - Senator Ian Mc Kenzie

Parliamentary SecretariesEdit

Each minister of state may also have a Parliamentary Secretary to answer questions and table reports on behalf of ministers when they are unable to be present in the house:

  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister -- Mr Sven Goranson TD
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministers for Finance and Foreign Affairs -- Mr Jack Plenty TD
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Attorney-General & the Minister for Home Affairs - Ms Katy Bedell TD
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministers for Defence -- Mr Ben Burdon TD
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministers for Health and Education -- Mr Zachary Leminos TD
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of State for Transport -- Mr David Hurley TD
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministers for Agriculture, Resources, Energy and Trade, and Innovation and Science -- Mr Mark Reynolds TD
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministers of State for Human Services and Community Services and Environment -- Senator Trevor Jones