What is SPCATEdit

SPCAt stands for Shushtrepistaz Private College Admission Test and is given to students who apply to enter a Private or National schools.

What is SPCAT2Edit

SPCAT2 stands for Shushtrepistaz Public College Admission Test and is Admistered to all students who are graduating from High School or Pre College. These schools are owned by the government and start with Shushtrepistaz University of, or University Shushtrepistaz of, or sometimes University of

Requirements for Public Universities/CollegesEdit

Grades must be higher then 750 and must qualify the special requirements by the school, sometimes these universities give higer requirements for SPCAT2

List of National/Private SchoolsEdit

School Score Required to Enter
Das'gotn National School 895
Das'gotn Logen 920
Das'gotn Delta School 890
Maskernems Academy of Science 892
IPCU Das'gotn 900
ICPU Dras'kon 920
ICPU Kreich 900
ICPU Czrik 800

ICPU Hinosra

Dras'kon National School 980
Noihima Buisness Institiute 920

Grades Representing SPCAT scoresEdit

Score Letter Grade
1000-960 A+
959-940 A
939-900 A-
899-870 B+
869-950 B
849-800 B-
799-760 C+
759-740 C
749-700 C-
699-600 D
599-1 F
0 F-
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