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Motto: Land of Imprealism
Anthem: Starfish Anthem

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Admission into AIN 2010

Largest city

Official language(s) English, Dutch, Spanish

PresidentPrime Minister

Constitutional Republic
Chip Kane

Mort Sanford

Independence Day Monarchy Day

Republic Day

30 September 1768

17 July 1918

• 2010 est.
• 2007 census



• Total
• Per capita
2010 estimate
US$ 548,159,693,542
US$ 43,999
HDI 0,897 – High
Currency Starfishlan Dollar (SL$)
Simlympic code RSL

Origin of the name Starfishland[]

Starfishland's name made by Sir Francis Holmes who found Starfishland. The name of Starfishland was taken when Holmes found a rare type of starfish in the east of the land which now is Aspatria.



Starfishland was firstly found by Sir Francis Holmes, a British explorer in 1618 as a large plot of land. The name of Starfishland was taken when Holmes found a rare type of starfish in the east of the land. After the found of Starfishland, the British Kingdom made Starfishland as a colony from 1619 until 1768. In 1768, Kingdom of Starfishland was officially founded with King George I as a king.

King George II (1784-1845) in 1786 made a trip to the west of the kingdom in order to expand its territory. In 1788, King sent a explorer named John Bradley to found another land in South Asia to made them into a large scale spice producer. Then he found an archipelago in the west of Netherland Indies which he named Rockcoast. Bradley also found a land in the eastern african coast which he named African Bristol. In 1820, Starfishcity as a capital city was officially incorporated.

After Price Foster (King George III son) died in 1897 in a ship accident without having any children, Starfishland officially be a dependency of U.S. as a territory alongside with Hawaii. U.S. make many change to the Starfishland which made it into an area with a great economy. Until World war 1 in 1916, Starfishland's Starfishcity has been built as New York City. Starfishland declare to relase themself from U.S. in 1918 after WW1 with a big won.

After it, Starfishland renamed from Kingdom of Starfishland into Constitutional Republic of Starishland which changed it system from Constitutional Monarchy into Constitutional Republic. The first president that elected is Chip Kane sr (1916-1930) with a PM Kent Archer (1916-1925). In this time, Starfishland economy keep rising with Starfishcity and Rockville city as a economy heart. But in 1925, Starfishland hitted by a large scale economy crisis that made some of their colonies relased from Starfishland

In 1930, Steve Mark (1930-1949) elected as as 2nd president. He created a large change to the constitution that made Starfishland changed into a Federal country. On the 1941, Starfishland enter the World war II Allies after a large scale attack hit Easter Island area. After won World War II, Starfishlands GDP increased significantly until 16%.

In 1955, Starfishland hit by a major earthquake (9.7) which damaged several part of country Including Starfishcity, Broker, Easter Island, and Callahan City. The largest damage found in San Fierro (almost 80% part of city damaged) which is the nearest city to the center of the earthquake.

In 1993, some people attempting to overthrow the military dictatorship of the PM James P. which result a large scale conflict but its easily stopped after 5 days. After it, PM possition taken by August Wayne until 2005. .