The Sudfeld All-Stars are the professional football club of the town of Sudfeld.

Logo of the All-Stars

Overview Edit

The Sudfeld All-Stars are the professional football club for the small town of Sudfeld. Sudfeld, whose nickname is Sports City, is made up mostly of stadiums and sports complexes. The All-Stars are part of the Sudfeld Pro Organization, which is an organization comprising of pro sports teams based in Sudfeld.

The All-Stars are the newest team. They were first commissioned in 2009 after Tirnreich's independence as a U21+ team. Soon, they got bumped up to IFV status as a professional football club.

Stadium Edit

Lisieux Stadium, which seats 12,000 spectators, is the home stadium of the All-Stars. The stadium is colored with the golden color of the All-Stars jerseys, making for games often dubbed "white outs," where fans dress in white to contrast the gold, and show the full colors of the team.

Lisieux Stadium was named after the country of Lisieux, which had sold land to the Tirnreich, but is now dissolved.

Roster Edit

GK: Thomas Angelo
DEF: Eric Derry, Samuel Iverson, Lawrence Bomengrove, Antonio Suarez
MF: Damian Grey, Paul Montford, Barry Exil
FWD: Tarbacci, Reggie Montez, Warren White


The logo is simply a giant starburst, with other smaller stars inside of it, with the club name in the center. A radial gold and white color scheme fills in the background.

Mascot Edit

There is currently no mascot for the All-Stars.